Steps to Study Abroad

Questions to Ask About Study Abroad

Your question may already be answered in our Study Abroad FAQ!

Ask the Director of International Education:

  • What courses are being offered on the programs in which I am interested?

  • Which courses seem, based on the course descriptions, to be a good fit for the course(s) I need to take?

  • What time of year can I travel?

  • What are the application deadlines?

Ask the Financial Aid Associate Director:

  • Is my FAFSA up to date with NU?

  • Do any of my existing grants, scholarships, and loans transfer toward my program of choice?

  • How does may financial aid shift per my program budget?

  • Am I eligible for any additional funding through scholarships or loans?

Ask Your Academic Advisor:

  • What requirements do I need to complete while away in order to graduate on time?

  • Are there any requirements that fit in my schedule only the semester I’m away?

  • Are there any prerequisite or required sequential courses that affect when I can participate in Study Abroad (e.g. availability of Physics I and Physics II)?

  • How many semester hours do I need to complete the semester I’m away in order to graduate on time?

  • Do I have room to take any courses to serve just as hours toward graduation the semester I’m away?

  • How much flexibility do I have with my course selection?

  • If a semester away requires me to shift my graduation plan, what options should I consider (e.g. summer classes, overload, etc.)?

  • How many semester hours do I have to complete while abroad in order to graduate on time?

How to Apply for Study Abroad

  1. Log in to My.Northwood and click “Study Abroad” under “University Departments”

  2. Select Short-term Faculty-led Programs or Exchange Programs

  3. Review programs and follow the link to the online application

  4. Complete online application and click submit to be redirected to payment site

  5. Pay $500 deposit fee via credit card through website or via check at the business office in Lower Miner

  6. Check email inbox for a confirmation email with next steps and links to Faculty Recommendation form and Course Substitution form

  7. Email Faculty Recommendation form link to a professor to complete on your behalf

  8. Complete the Course Substitution form with an Academic Advisor

  9. Upon acceptance into your program of choice, you’ll receive an acceptance email and instructions to help prepare for your program.