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Gain a World-Class Education. Expand your Horizons and Dive Deeper.

Northwood University’s mission to prepare students for success as global leaders shines through in all of our students. Our commitment to supporting international students in their ambitions, goals, and education directly connects us to this mission on an even greater scale.

Undergraduate Programs

With 29 unique and engaging programs to choose from, NU students have the opportunity to delve into entrepreneurial studies at the highest level from the moment they step foot in their first class. Fully immerse yourself in computer science, marketing, management, accounting, finance, and beyond in preparation for not only graduation, but the professional success that follows.

Global Programs

In educational pursuits, the world is our oyster. We don’t confine our learning to our campus, nor Midland, or even Michigan – with global programs available for undergraduate and Master’s programs, NU aims to establish excellence on the international stage.

Northwood University Computer Automotive Retail Simulation (NUCARS): Apply your skills in real-life experiences

Current Northwood students interested in pursuing careers within the automotive industry and expanding their entrepreneurial skillset are encouraged to take part in NUCARS, a web-based international strategy simulation with a case study from the automotive industry.

First introduced to NU in the early 1990s by Toyota Motor Sales in Torrance, California, NUCARS was originally developed to train Toyota Management Trainees and dealers. Today, the program is enjoyed by innovative partners around the world, giving NU students the opportunity to work with globally diverse teams and build an enlightened worldview.

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