Preparing Global Leaders

Northwood University is an accredited business school that prepares students for success as global leaders. At Northwood, we help and support international students to achieve their goals through practical learning, problem-solving, and collaboration.


How to Apply

Please visit our Admissions page for a step by step guide to the application process.

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International Partnerships

Northwood offers degree programs at International Program Centers located in China, Sri Lanka and Switzerland. Northwood also partners with many other institutions across the globe to help international students complete their degrees.

Intensive English Program (IEP)

Northwood provides a full-time English as a Second Language (ESL) program to help students improve their English language skills, and gain knowledge of American culture.


Study Abroad

Northwood offers short-term, semester and one-year study abroad opportunities for all students.


Ranked a
Best Value College
in Michigan

Ranked as a Top Choice for Students From Sweden

Ranked Among the Highest Paid Graduates in Michigan

Ranked Among the Top Study Abroad Programs
for short and mid length programs at special focus institutions


Michigan Campus

At Northwood, international students can develop their business and leadership skills by studying at our residential campus in the safe, welcoming and diverse community of Midland, Michigan.