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2024-2025 Residential Campus Undergraduate

Tuition and Fees

Expense Description1st Semester (Fall)2nd Semester (Spring)Total Per Year
Tuition and Fees*$17,200$17,200$34,400
Books, Course Materials, Supplies & Equipment$405$405$810
Housing and Food**$6,550$6,550$13,100
Average Loan Fees***$96$96$192
Resident Total$25,856$25,856$51,712
The figures above are fixed 2024-2025 costs for 12-17 credit hours per semester.

* Student Fee excludes health insurance premium; all students must either demonstrate coverage by a qualified US health insurance plan or pay the premium of approximately $1,500 and receive coverage from a policy provided by the University. All international students will be required to purchase the University health insurance plan.

** All Miner, Dubois, and Naegele Village resident students must have a food plan. Alternate plans may be available. Books, course materials, and supplies are partially charged based on courses you are registered for.

*** Tuition will be different based on the number of credits you are registered for.

All incoming students are expected to complete a total of four (4) semesters living in university residence halls (excluding summers) at Northwood University unless they live with a parent or relative within a 50-mile radius (other exemptions defined in the housing contract may apply).

For 18 and over credits$835
For 1-11 credits $1,200
For compressed courses$1,045

For new students only

Orientation fee$125

If applicable

Graduation fee$80
Car permit (commuter and residential students)$50/semester

The following information is being provided to assist you in budgeting your finances. The annual costs indicated are estimates and are not costs owed to the University. These costs are based on averages and do not reflect actual expenses that you may incur.

Book and supply costs$1,342
Transportation costs for residential students$1,146
Transportation costs for commuter students$1,990

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