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There are specific scholarships available for Northwood-sponsored study abroad programs based on financial need and academic standing. These scholarships are designed to cover a portion of the study abroad program cost.

The Semester in Europe program has additional scholarships explicitly for students participating in this program, which are based on academic merit and need.

Honors Scholarship for Semester in Europe

Students who have completed 15 Honors course credits will automatically receive the Semester in Europe Honors Scholarship of $2000.

Students currently receiving Northwood University scholarships may apply those scholarships to student exchange programs, except for the ones listed below. Students participating in the programs listed below will only be ineligible for the semester they study abroad. After returning to Northwood, the student’s scholarship will be reinstated as long as conditions of the scholarship are met.

  • John Cabot University – Rome, Italy
  • Florence University of the Arts – Florence, Italy
  • All Affiliate Programs (such as USAC, CEA and CIS Abroad)

Some Affiliate Programs provide program discounts to Northwood students through affiliation agreements.

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For more information and specific details, please contact our International Admissions.